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Be a part of the fast-growing Socio-Decentralize Pool for Open and Distributed Wealth.


Create a Wallet Account on Welkin to effectively market your business and manage your team, Create or Import your Crypto Wallet with your Stake Wallet Profile to take your social online presence beyond, access crypto/blockchain services, exchange and swap tokens on WelkinDex, mint and sell NFTs on the marketplace.


Join our community now to Connect with like-minded monetary valued people, traders, vendors, affiliates, networkers, marketers, crypto enthusiasts and tech savvy in a secured environment.


Trade digital money assets, tokens, stakes, gift cards, etc and convert your time, social and affiliate activities into monetary value with WelkinCoin (WKN) activity token.

Trade, Connect, Network – #TheWelkinProject Has It All! Integration of solid-light telepresence with blockchain technology is key to the Infinity-Dimension Web. Your #WelkinCoin will be your ticket into #WebInfinity.
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