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.Socio-Decentralize Pool For Open And Distributed Wealth.

(Socio-Digital Money Market | Socio-Management Network | Socio-Payments Solution)

....Connecting Monetary Valued People With Real Data in a Secured Environment.

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Effectively promote your business profile, manage your team, take your socio-online presence beyond, seemlessly trade your socio-digital assets and currency stakes for value, securely pay for value and make socio-payments to your clients, familly, friends and loved ones.

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WELKIN is a "socio-decentralize pool for open and distributed wealth" where Socio-Digital Assets are being exchanged for value. The "Welkin" App is designed to connect monetary valued people with real data in a secured environment through its socio-hub network comprising a Socio-Digital Money Market, Socio-Management Network and Socio-Payments Solution.

Socio-Digital Money Market
Find like-minded people, make new friends, follow interesting authors, stay in touch anywhere and seemlessly convert your social activities into digital money assets (WelkinCoin). Trade (mine, buy, hold & sell) your socio-digital assets and currency stakes for value. Earn more while you grow your social influence & content creativities.
Socio-Management Network
Effectively promote your business profile, manage your team and take your socio-online presence beyond by building your social profile, posting status updates, creating socio-workspaces, managing clients and fans, sending socio-mails and chats, bringing up the latest news and sharing interesting articles, discourses, documents, files, cool photos and awesome videos.
Socio-Payments Solution
Securely pay for value and make socio-payments to your clients, familly, friends and loved ones & say bye to financial insecurities and charges. Subscribe in one-click to your favourite content providers as patrons. Send socio-payments directly to your followers, workforce and members of your group, workspace and organization at large with ease.



Welkincoin is the official currency for the Welkin project. It is both a stakecurrency on Welkin and a cryptocurrency on the Polygon Blockchain. The Welkincoin cryptocurrency is the official currency that backs up all stakeholdings on Welkin including its stakecurrency corresponding.

WELKIN is building a recircling webchain (decentralized/distributed database (Ddb)) to Connecting Monetary Valued People With Real Data in a secured environment.

Welkin aims to construct a comprehensive socio-ecosystem that is driven by a system of social stakeholdings (Welkin Stakeholdings) mined or purchased by its community users on every socio-clicks. This ideology is commissioned to fairly distribute the community's resources and wealth back to its social community users according to the level of each individual social investments. To this, with digitalization of real data [from social, trading to financial data] users (stakeholders/weltraders ) will be able to acquire these social stakeholdings as currency stakes or socio-digital money assets (WelkinCoin-WKN) through Welkin Social Data Mining Technology and Trading System. Furthermore, users (stakeholders/weltraders ) will be able to spend these currency stakes or socio-digital money assets (WelkinCoin-WKN) through Welkin Socio-Payments Solution in various real-life scenarios and socio-ecosystem within every social space.

With real data analysis for credibility check of online users, Welkin helps to create an eco-friendly environment to grow businesses and brands within the socio-ecosystem while driving walllet-to-wallet socio-payment solutions in every Social space through a system of social Stakeholdings. As social-netpreneur and visionaries, the Wel-Team is deeply fascinated about making a vast impact globally to digitally conserve real data and financial digital assets in a social framework and to strengthen socio-payment solutions in every Social space.

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