.Socio-Hub Network.

(Socio-Digital Money Market | Socio-Management Network | Socio-Payments Solution)

....Connecting Monetary Valued People With Real Data in a Secured Environment.

Welkin is a Socio-Hub Network where Socio-Digital Assets are being exchanged for value. The "Welkin" App is designed to connect monetary valued people with real data in a secured environment through its socio-hub network comprising a Socio-Digital Money Market, Socio-Management Network and Socio-Payments Solution.

WELKIN is building a recircling webchain (decentralized/distributed database (Ddb)) to Connecting Monetary Valued People With Real Data in a secured environment.

Welkin aims to construct a comprehensive socio-ecosystem that is driven by a system of social stakeholdings (Welkin Money Stakeholdings) mined or purchased by its community users on every socio-clicks. This ideology is commissioned to fairly distribute the community's resources and wealth back to its social community users according to the level of each individual social investments. To this, with digitalization of real data [from social, trading to financial data] users (stakeholders/weltraders ) will be able to acquire these social stakeholdings as currency stakes or socio-digital money assets (Welkin Money-GWM) through Welkin Social Data Mining Technology and Trading System. Furthermore, users (stakeholders/weltraders ) will be able to spend these currency stakes or socio-digital money assets (Welkin Money-GWM) through Welkin Socio-Payments Solution in various real-life scenarios and socio-ecosystem within every social space.

With real data analysis for credibility check of online users, Welkin helps to create an eco-friendly environment to grow businesses and brands within the socio-ecosystem while driving walllet-to-wallet socio-payment solutions in every Social space through a system of social Stakeholdings. As social-netpreneur and visionaries, the Wel-Team is deeply fascinated about making a vast impact globally to digitally conserve real data and financial digital assets in a social framework and to strengthen socio-payment solutions in every Social space.


Overtime, users on social media are showing appreciation (likes, comments and shares) via every socio-clicks for other people’s content without any direct monetary valuation. It’s great to receive such attention and recognition, but what if you could receive a financial recognition for every socio-clicks you commit? On Welkin, you get rewarded for publishing your own contents as well as interacting with other users and their contents. Followers and users can like your posts and add comments while earning digital assets (social stakeholdings) from one another's social interactions as well as currency exchanges.

Learn Welkin Trade: optimization and networking of digital money asset within the socio-ecosystem; buy & sell digital money stakes to enjoy security of financial instruments and increase in monetary assets.

Take your social online presence beyond. Build your own currency stakes for free with Welkin social data mining technology. Convert your social activities into digital money assets. Sign up now to get started with Welkin.

Join the Weltraders in the fast –growing Socio-Digital Money Market. Get a socio-digital token & asset when you sign up on Welkin. Expect increase and appreciation in value of your digital currency stakes. Risk less. Save more. Grow bigger.

No slacking! Get your own share of the socio-digital money assets. Get a free wallet with airdrops of digital currency stakes when you sign up now. Get your Welkin Money Gift Card and redeem your free digital token today on Welkin.

Tired of low management system and poor organizational structure for your team? Get a free socio-digital workspace to effectively and remotely manage your entire team and workforce without limitations. Build and promote your team social online presence for free with Welkin social data mining technology. Sign up now to get unlimited access for your team. Invest Welkin. Earn Future.


Keep your profile even more active by accessing all app/site frameworks while connecting monetary valued people with real data in a secured environment.

Welkin SAT Community

-Promote & build your personal/business profile for free. With well structured social targeting tools, get the best of optimized advertising and strategic digital marketing campaigns. Don't just get followers, fans and likes, get real-time clients and potential buyers to your products page.

-Publish your books/articles and set them up for purchase on the Wel-Store & Marketplace. Place your products, digital contents, services & investment portfolios on Welkin Marketplace to reach more clients. Welkin takes care of credibility check of all profiles & vendors.

Welkin SAT Community

-Create Workspace for your team. Add up your employees, clients, members, students, workforce, etc to your personal/business workspace.

-Have your own investment Management Work space & accept/make customer-clients' payment with boundless transactions without charges via Cash Wallet.

-Get the best out of verified & Certified Profiles as well as Investment Portfolios with end-to-end secured loyalty bond and optimize investment opportunities with low-risk trading for maximized income.

-Stay secured with credibility check on verified traders and certified organization as well as with clients/investors. Risk less, Save more, Grow bigger.

Welkin SAT Community

-Mine/Generate Welkin Money via Social Activities with Social Assets Trading. Earn more while you grow your social influence & content creativity in the fast growing Socio-Digital Money Market.

-Buy & Sell Welkin Money via Currency Exchange Trading.

-Send money to friends, family, clients and business partners with Welkin Socio-Payments Solution & say bye to financial insecurities and charges.

-Send unlimited socio-mails to your friends, family, loved ones, clients, teams, workspaces, groups and organizations at large via WelkinMail.

-Chat with friends, loved ones, clients and business partners on WelkinChat. Stay connected to the things that truly pays, monetary valued people. Earn even more Welkin Money via WelkinChat activities. Chat & Earn.

-Start a Discourse and share discussions with investors and like-minded personnels to achieving common objectives & goals.

-Support a Cause: add Signatures to already started Petitions/Cause or Create yours, invite others & share to other social networks.

Download Welkin App TODAY to Connect with monetary valued people in a secured environment.

Learn Welkin Trade: optimization and networking of digital money asset within the socio-ecosystem

Buy, Mine, Hold & Sell digital money assets/stakes/token on the Welkin Socio-Digital Money Market and Socio-ecosystem at large to enjoy security of financial instruments and increase in monetary assets.

Getting Started: Overview of Welkin Trade in 7 Core Steps

1. Sign Up/Sign In account on Welkin @ https://goiwelkin.com, (Download app @ play store for Android or @ apple store for iOS) Create Profile to automatically create your free Wallets.

2. Confirm and Verify your profile to become a Weltrader. On the "Payment Details" section via Editing your profile, set up your preferred payment method to receive payout funds.

3 ->a. Directly Buy GWM Assets from Other Weltraders/Wel-Vendors in the community OR ->b. Buy GWM Gift Cards from system @ https://giftcards.goiwelkin.com

4. Redeem Gift Cards Token @ https://goiwelkin.com/page/income-history

5. Build your social online presence and profile. Effectively market your business and team remotely. Convert your social activities into socio-digital money assets with Welkin Socio-Data mining Technology.

6. Expect appreciation (increase in valuation) of Stakes/Assets compared to the original value on Gift Card or Stakes/Assets purchased.

7. a-> Trade or Sell Stakes/Assets to System (a minimum of 0.1GWM for system exchanges, contact Wel-Vendors on site/in-app for lesser exchanges) and receive funds into your already set preferred payment method.

b-> Boost or promote your profile page or Social online presence with your generated digital Assets/Stakes (Social Stakeholdings).

c-> With Welkin Socio-Payment System, pay for value on Marketplace to vendors and merchants with your Welkin Money Stakeholdings

Happy Weltrading 💰😎














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