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Nature's Breed: The Jabuticaba Tree
Jabuticaba tree,only in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, the fruit grows directly on the trunk and branches.Tastes like blueberry yogurt#WelBlog
Welkin | Socio-Hub Network
THE "WELKIN" PROJECTWelkin is a Socio-Hub Network where Socio-Digital Assets are being exchanged for value. The "Welkin" App, which is digitally conserved by GOI WELKIN is designed to connect monetary valued people with real data in a secured environment through its socio-hub network comprising a Socio-Digital Money Market, Socio-Management Network and Socio-Payments Solution.-Buy, Mine, Hold & Sell digital socio-assets/stakes/token on Welkin to enjoy security of socio-financial instruments and increase in currency stakes via Welkin Social Stakeholdings.WELKIN distributes socio-digital assets  as currency stakes or social stakeholdings in a measure of investment stock for community users
Launch of Initial Stake Offering (Initial Currency Offering (ICO)/ Security Token Offering (STO)) on the Welkin Money Stakeholdings
Public Notice!!!We are glad to announce to all Wel-Traders, users and prospective investors on the first Welkin Money ISO (ICO/STO) on the Welkin Money stakeholdings for which investors can secure certain stakes of the community wealth at lowest rate ever during ISO (ICO/STO) launch. To this effect, there will be massive distribution of the GWM Currency to investors in the bid to acquire the Welkin Money stakeholdings to become a stakeholder.-Current Market price of Welkin Money to Dollar is @ 1 GWM = 36.09 USDOn launch of Initial Stake Offering (ISO) scheduled on Saturday, Saturday, 17th of July, 2021...the market value for 1 GWM shall be reduced to half the current market price of 36.09 US
What is Welkin?
Welkin is a Socio-Hub Network where Socio-Digital Assets are being exchanged for value. The "Welkin" App is designed to connect monetary valued people with real data in a secured environment through its socio-hub network comprising a Socio-Digital Money Market, Socio-Management Network and Socio-Payments Solution.#whatiswelkin #welblog #welkin #sociohubnetwork
Young Nigerian Artist Paints Cristiano Ronaldo.
A young Nigerian artist, Mayor Olajide spent 75 hours making a portrait of his favourite football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo.His attention to detail is very good Very impressive artwork👏#WelBog
How prophet T B Joshua died as recounted by his wife Evelyn
“He ended the race prayerfully. She revealed that he spent about three hours in prayers before the last service on the mountain and was looking very healthy. She said he never showed any sign of illness or worry and that his main concern was about the prayer line they offered to Indians against the COVID-19 pandemic.“Afterward, he came up to shower and was left alone to have some time to prepare for service as worship had started. Few Minutes later, he stepped out for ministrations. While ministering, He spoke about a time to come and time to leave.”“According to her, his statements were spiritual and suddenly, he left the stage and went to his inner chambers. She waited a few minutes and th
Vitalik Buterin Is Worth $21 Billion
10 days ago it was a big deal that Vitalik Buterin had crossed $1 billion for the first time. He's technically worth $21 billion at this moment. AKA the 67th richest person in the world.Vitalik's $21 billion net worth is made up of:$1.3 billion thanks to his 333,000 Ether$18.5 billion thanks to his 505 billion SHIB$920 million thanks to his 50 billion AKITA$375 million thanks to his 500 billion DogelonPlus a couple dozen random, mostly-dog-themed, alt-coins.At $21 billion, according to our count of the 100 richest people in the world, Vitalik's current rank is: 67At $21 billion, Vitalik is just $1 billion away from Steve Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs. He's $1 billion richer than Dietrich M
The Creator Of Ethereum Was Unwittingly Gifted Half Of A Dog Meme Cryptocurrency. That Gift Is Now Worth $14 Billion
Vitalik Buterin owns around 333,000 Ethereum coins. As of this writing, a single Ether coin will cost you around $4,100. So Vitalik's stash of 333,000 are officially worth…$1.4 billionYet that's not the number you see right now on Vitalik's public wallet.Here's a screenshot of the public wallet:$16.3 billion…Where's that other $15 billion coming from? This is a truly insane story that only makes sense in the completely bonkers crypto world.According to a story first reported by the website decrypt.co, roughly $14 billion if Vitalik's wealth came in the form of A GIFT. The gift was given to him by the creators of a dogecoin knockoff called Shiba Inu, aka "SHIB."Buterin has nothing to do with
Dogecoin up 12,000% since January — here's how much money you'd have if you invested $1,000 at the beginning of 2021
Dogecoin briefly surged to an all-time high of 69 cents Wednesday morning, capping a roller-coaster run for the meme-based cryptocurrency that has skyrocketed in value in recent months.The latest rally has come in the lead-up to Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosting NBC's "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Musk has long praised the digital token to his 52 million Twitter followers, and some speculate that a mention of dogecoin on national television could spark even more demand.If you bought dogecoin at the beginning of the year you've enjoyed massive gains over the past four months. A $1,000 dogecoin purchase on Jan. 1, 2021 — at a price of less than a cent per coin — would be worth $121,052 at Wedn
Meet the world's youngest crypto billionaire: Vitalik Buterin, 27, fled Russia when he was three and dropped out of college before co-founding Ethereum and banking $1.03BN after NFT craze sent coin's value soaring
Vitalik Buterin, 27, reached billionaire status after digital currency Ethereum surged above a $3,000 price mark Monday.  The celebrity crypto guru co-founded Ethereum - the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin - in 2015. Ethereum has attracted a huge following in the world of decentralized finance, thanks to its faster transaction times when compared to that of Bitcoin.He holds 333,000 Ether coins - which is now worth an astonishing $1.029 billion.   In 2013, the writer and programmer dropped out of college and later became one of eight co-founders of Ethereum.At the time of writing, his visionary project boasts a huge market cap of about $350 billion, which is bigger than The Bank o
Mr. Macaroni blesses Nigerians with cash gifts as he celebrates 28th birthday (Video)
Nigerian comedian and skit-maker, Debo Adebayo better known as Mr Macaroni, has warmed put smiles on some fans faces as celebrates his birthday.The actor turned 28 today, May 3, and he stormed the streets of Lagos with his team to hand out cash gifts to some Nigerians.He shared the video on Instagram and stated that he is forever grateful to God for the gift of life.In the video, he was seen giving out wads of cash to random people on the streets, including shop owners, hawkers, bus passengers, passersby, etc.The benefactors couldn’t believe their good fortune as they seemed shocked at the kind gesture and in turn, showered Mr. Macaroni with heartfelt prayers.#WelBlog #mrmacaroni
Plug in your Digital Assets, GiftCards, Tokens and Stakes in units and in bulk.
Welkin Money GiftCards Token on trade. Purchase/Sell your GiftCards or GWM Stakes on Welkin@$iremystic. Instant Payment when you trade with me Stephen-Mystic Inam . I am always opened for business😁😎💰🙌🏿. Accept or kinds of payment, Naira, Cryptos, Stablecoins, GiftCards, etc😎💰#siremystic #sociodigitalmoney #gwm  #assets  #giftcards  #stakes  #token #cryprocurrency #stablecoins