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    Jabuticaba tree,only in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, the fruit grows directly on the trunk and branches.

    Tastes like blueberry yogurt

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    Public Notice!!!

    We are glad to announce to all Wel-Traders, users and prospective investors on the first Welkin Money ISO (ICO/STO) on the Welkin Money stakeholdings for which investors can secure certain stakes of the community wealth at lowest rate ever during ISO (ICO/STO) launch. To this effect, there will be massive distribution of the GWM Currency to investors in the bid to acquire the Welkin Money stakeholdings to become a stakeholder.

    -Current Market price of Welkin Money to Dollar is @ 1 GWM = 36.09 USD

    On launch of Initial Stake Offering (ISO) scheduled on Saturday, Saturday, 17th of July, 2021...the market value for 1 GWM shall be reduced to half the current market price of 36.09 USD, after which following day will return to normal rate....i.e, on launch date, 1GWM = 18.045 USD instead of the actual 36.09 USD

    Terms and conditions Applied:

    -Welkin Money ISO will be acquired only through Welkin Money Gift Cards Purchase.
    -All Welkin Gift Cards are to be purchased @ https://giftcards.goiwelkin.com
    -Assets will be redeemable only in 6 months time away from launch date.

    For more enquiries, contact the Wel-Team on Welkin @ GOI WELKIN
    Or send a mail to admin@goiwelkin.com

    Brought to you by the Wel-team

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      • Lovely... looking forward to this ISO😎💰

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        Meet 28 year old Andrew Jones, the man lives his life with an artificial heart in his bag


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        21-yr-old Unilag student reveals how she killed Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga

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        Welkin is a Socio-Hub Network where Socio-Digital Assets are being exchanged for value. The "Welkin" App is designed to connect monetary valued people with real data in a secured environment through its socio-hub network comprising a Socio-Digital Money Market, Socio-Management Network and Socio-Payments Solution.

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