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Affiliate/Referral System

  • Earn Welkin Money in GWM as well as in USD when you refer others to join, purchase from marketplace, upgrade membership level or make any purchases on site/in-app.
  • Be a partner in the Affiliate/Referral System for Welkin. Get your affiliate/referral link and start sharing links to boost your Welkin Money Stakeholdings ūüíįūüėé

There are four activity types for sponsors to earn commission from referred members:

  • New profile join
  • Referred profile's membership upgrade
  • Purchases in Market module
  • Any other purchases through the site cart

Each member can get own unique banners' js code to insert to any page of any site. This special code allows to track their banners' activity and for each of them see commissions.

Banners activity:

  • joined member¬†
  • banner's impression
  • banner's click

Main users abilities:

Members have four Affiliate System pages with functions:

  1. Dashboard page contains the most important info for members. Information about current active program, earned commission, direct referral link and ability to send email invitations or share referral link in Twitter or Facebook, WhatsApp, etc...
  2. Referrals page contains info about all invited profiles and search function. In matrix mode it is possible to view matrix tree.
  3. Statistic page allows to view the all details about referred members' activity and their earned commission with search function.
  4. Banners' page allows to view details about used banners, earned commission and to get personal banners' code.

Forced Matrix Income:

For example: You can earn diffusely from a matrix of 3x8members. When member A refers 3 new members, then Level 1 in matrix 3x8 will be complete. When each of these 3 members refer another 3 members, Level 2 with 9members of matrix will be also complete and so on till Level 8. Of course, members from each level can continue to refer members and they will be added to appropriate level. Any future referred member will be automatically placed under of existed referred members, forcing the matrix to fill up to 8 levels deep. Up-line Members from matrix can get the commission for every paid action or new member in matrix from down-line members. Member from Level 1 gets commission for members from Level 2 ‚Äď Level 8, members from Level 2 for members from Level 3 ‚Äď Level 8 and so on.

So, each member can get $9,840.00 by filling own matrix and how fast the members get $9,840.00 depends on how well they advertise their referral link or affiliate banner. It is possible for members to start to fill new matrix when they fill default one.

Matrix Support - Spillover:

Using any referral link or banner new members can join and they will be automatically placed into the sponsor matrix. Following above example, if we have matrix 3X8, each member can have only 3 people directly invited in own matrix in down-line level, but what to do if this member invites more then 3 profiles? If you are sponsor of more than 3 members, your new members will be placed under your other recruits to help them get started. This is called spillover. So, not only you can refer new profiles, your up-line and down-line members can help you to fill your personal matrix. Members can communicate with their invited members and teach them how to invite new members.


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