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1. Time Freedom. Less time-consuming trades.

2. No physical workspace needed. You make money at the comfort of your home.

3. Financial Stability & Security: Power of Leverage.

4. A business of Value, Profits are leveraged by you, i.e you determine the level of your Profits, higher input, higher output.

5. Connect with like-minded people as well as monetary valued real people in a secured environment.

6. Can be operated in multi-device. Access your profile any where in the world via mobile phones, tablets, iPads, computers/laptops, etc. Also available on stores for Android & iOS App.

7. Sustainable Secure System.

8. Free to join. No registration fee required. Just sign up, verify your profile (your means of identification required) and join trade.

9. No logistics is needed, simple trading system. In Welkin Trades, you either generate system Currency via Social activities or buy & sell your Digital Money Assets to make Profits.

10. The Business of Value (BOV) has produced the highest number of billionaires worldwide and you too can make it in the industry too. Welkin gives you the platform to join & leverage on the business of Value as well as the tools to help you optimize the value of your Digital Money Assets.

11. No Educational qualifications needed. All you need is to take out time to understand the Welkin Trades.

12. Leveraging on your own effort to optimize your Assets. You determine the length and size of your trades. (As a beginner you trade smaller amount of your assets to gain credibility overtime).Β 

13. Helping each other to succeed through connection and value, realness and security as well as through credibility and trust.

14. Creation of Adaptive economy, Independent system economy. Partly centralized system and partly decentralized system.

15. No gender or age bias.

16. Real-time legal Business (Not a fast-money & get-rich scheme). Welkin is a Trading brand registered under GOI TRADING & ADVERTISING NETWORKS LTD. You have got to be committed to the trade and it's Ideology in the Trading of Digital Commodities.

17. Promote your business profile and client base.

18. Synergy creation among monetary valued people, amongst real people.

19. Leaving a legacy for your children and the next generation.

20. No autoship or monthly commitment. You can trade at your convenience. You decide your buy & your sell.

21. You either mine system Currency for free via social activities or you buy & sell system Currency via Currency exchange.

22. WELKIN is a Socio-Digital Money Market. It's the financial social network. It's the social network where Digital Money Assets are being traded. It is the Social network for online traders. It is the only Social community that pays it's users and gives access to it's community wealth and resources through a system of Stakeholdings (No Monopoly. Every member is a Stakeholder, meaning as a user, you own a Stake of the Platform).

Join WELKIN now and secure a future today with the Business of Value (BOV)!!!!!

Β ... connecting monetary valued people in a secured environment.

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