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No, WelkinCoin (WKN) will not be listed in any exchange other than the Welkin Dex. The project plans to utilize it's own resources for it's users (stakeholders) using it's own exchange via a smart contract Dapp (WelkinCTN).

The Welkin Project isn't just a crypto project. WelkinCoin as well isn't just a cryptocurrency but also a stakecurrency which expresses a user shares in the project.

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Learn all about the Welkin Project and the two types of wallet system (stake & crypto wallet). Your stake wallet is accessed on the Welkin App while your crypto wallet is accessed on the WelkinDex App or other web3 decentralized wallets like your trust wallet, metamask, Coinbase tokenpocket, etc.

Get ready for Welkin CTN Smart Contract deployment on the Polygon Blockchain Network this September 🔥👌

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So much wealth stacked up in the Welkin Space 🚀A lot is going on in the financial markets and there is a pull to acquire wealth more now than ever. It all starts by getting involving in any of these model on the Welkin Project. Get started with Welkin CTN or with Metaforce Smart Contract....all accessible on the Welkin Dex App.

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Start your day with Welkin CTN & Metaforce Smart Contract😎💰All you need is your Welkin Dex (Crypto Wallet & Dapp Browser) App get started 🤑

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