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Join The Welkin Project With as Low as $10 to Start Earning from Project Shares

Make $5k+ on buying, selling, holding and minting WelkinCoin in the Welkin Global Market.

Fund your wallet with GWM/USDT/DAI/USDC on the Polygon BlockChain Network to get started and get free $5 WKN when you join the trade/exchange.

Welkin CTN

Welkin CTN (Crypto Trading and Networking) is the buying of Welkin trading/selling tokens (e.g WKN, wUSD, wGBP, wBTC, wETH, etc) with a universal/buying token (Welkin Money (GWM)). Simultaneously, it is the selling of your Welkin trading/selling tokens (e.g WKN, wUSD, wGBP, wBTC, wETH, etc) to others in order to earn a universal/buying token (Welkin Money (GWM)) with direct liquidity pool and make more profits from recurring trades and exchanges. The aim of rebuying and reselling these trading/selling tokens is to make extra assets gain on each purchase or sales by generating transient profits and losses (worthy losses) on both side with respect to the buyer and seller simultaneously.

In short, Welkin CTN is a peer-to-peer social marketplace where traders simultaneously buy and sell currencies with one another and get profits as well as commissions from every transaction completed by the buyer and seller.

Selling token ID            |          Selling token Name          |      Selling token symbol

1                                                   WelkinCoin                                   WKN

2                                                   Welkin Dollar                                wUSD

3                                                   Welkin Naira                                 wNGN

4                                                   Welkin Euro                                  wEUR

5                                                   Welkin Pound                               wGBP

6                                                   Welkin CaDollar                           wCAD

7                                                   Welkin AuDollar                            wAUD

8                                                   Welkin NzDollar                           wNZD

9                                                   Welkin Yen                                   wJPY

10                                                 Welkin Franc                                wCHF

11                                                 Welkin Rupee                               wINR

12                                                 Welkin Dirham                              wAED

13                                                 Welkin Rand                                 wZAR

14                                                 Welkin Bitcoin                               wBTC

15                                                 Welkin Ether                                 wETH

16                                                 Welkin BNB                                  wBNB

17                                                 Welkin Tron                                  wTRX

18                                                 Welkin Gold                                  wXAU

19                                                 Welkin Silver                                wXAG

20                                                 Welkin Palladium                         wXPD

21                                                 Welkin Patinum                            wXPT

Buying token ID   |   Buying token Name  |   Buying token symbol

 1                                       Welkin Money                   GWM

Getting Started with Welkin Trades & Exchanges

Step 1: Download the Welkin app on PlayStore (Android) or Apple Store (iOS)

Sign up to create your stake wallet payment tag and complete your profile details setup.

Step 2: Download WelkinDex Crypto Wallet or Trust Wallet on Store

Setup your wallets and add WelkinCoin (WKN) and Welkin Money (GWM) to your wallet.

Step 3: Fund your Stake Wallet with minimum of $10 GWM (Welkin Money)

Purchase GWM from verified wel-vendors or your trusted upline/contacts or directly from the system with Fiats (your local currency), paypal or cryptos (USDT/DAI.USDC) on the Polygon Blockchain Network. (Note: GWM is the official StableCoin for the Welkin Project with direct Liquidity Pool on Exchange. While WKN is the official native trading currency).

Step 4: Purchase your Wel-Exchanger Licence

Use GWM to purchase your exchanger licence OR Purchase the exchanger partnership licence card & token from Wel-vendors in the community. (Minimum licence cost is $5).

Step 5: Join the Exchange on the Welkin CTN Market

Start buying and selling WelkinCoin (WKN) and other Welkin Stakes/Tokens (wUSD, wGBP, wBTC, wETH, etc) with your remaining GWM balance. You make profits on every completed trade/exchange. (If you already have some WKN from your free airdrops, you can simultaneously sell & buy more WKN with your GWM to increase profits on trades).

Step 6: (Optional) Purchase other Partnership licences for more Profits

Create new profile(s) under your account and purchase other partnership licences (e.g Wel-Providers (Affiliate Marketers), Wel-Factors (Content Creators), Wel-Traders (Stake Miners) or the Wel-Vendors (Cards & Tokens Merchants). Contact verified wel-vendors.

Step 7: Liquidate/Sell your GWM Stakes for Fiat/Crypto Currencies

Sell your GWM stakes to verified wel-vendors, your trusted upline or contacts on welkin OR Liquidate (directly exchange) your GWM via the system to Fiat (local currencies) or other cryptocurrencies. Supported system exchanges are paypal (all accepted currencies on paypal), Local bank account (Naira) & other cryptos (USDT/DAI/USDC) via Polygon.

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