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Refer a Friend & Earn: Get 0.5 WKN (0.5 USD) Instead of 0.1 WKN (0.1 USD) When You Refer Others This Weekend

The Welkin Project is all about creating and sharing value in every connections through a socio-decentralize pool for open and distributed wealth.

To partake in these campaign, go to Affiliate Marketing on the Homepage and copy your referral link. Share to contacts to sign up as a free partner on the Welkin Project. You get 0.5 WKN (0.5 USD) for every free partner you refer to the network.

For every 5 free partners referred, you get 1 WKN (1 USD) extra apart from 0.5 WKN (0.5 USD) for each person referred. I.e 5 partners will give extra 1 WKN; 10 partners will give extra 2 WKN; 15 invited partners will give extra 3 WKN and so on.

Also for new registered free partner, they get higher welkincoin airdrop stakes when registered this weekend only while all existing partners get increased community shares as well when a new partner joins the network.

This campaign is all about sharing value to others through the WelkinCoin Stakeholdings.

Note: you also get commisions from sales whenever your referrals purchase something in the marketplace or subscribe to paid partnership licence and this is for life. Also all WKN earned can instantly be exchanged to cash or other currencies via peer to peer exchanges by contacting your vendor or trusted partners on the WelkinCoin Community or on various whatsapp groups.

All Offer are valid only this Weekend.

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