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Why Would Anyone Join Welkin Crypto Trading and Networking (CTN)

-Welkin CTN is 100% decentralized. No central vault and peer to peer based. You either hold the asset in WKN or hold the asset in your local money. There's no deposit or withdrawal, you either buy an asset or sell it i.e when you sell an asset, then you are buying another asset; also when you buy an asset, then you are selling another asset.

-100% secured. Welkin CTN uses it's own cryptocurrencies, WelkinCoin (WKN) as well as other welkin cryptocurrencies (wUSD, wNGN, wEUR, wBTC, wETH etc.) on the Polygon blockchain for its trading and networking. Hence, the model is secured, decentralized, safe and reliable to trade and network. There are about 1 trillion WKN on the Polygon blockchain, hence, welkincoin is readily available for distribution and can never run out of its asset as there's always enough for its trading and networking activities and assets distribution operations.

-Make profits by trading and networking welkincoin to others where you can earn up to x10 (1000%) just by purchasing welkincoin from one vendor and reselling it to others. You get up to x10 (1000%) of your purchase in addition to the actual purchased WKN in which all can be resold and you keep 100% of the sold asset. When others purchase any quantity package of welkincoin from you as well, they also get up to x10 (1000%) of their purchase to be resold, keeping 100% of the sold asset as well. This goes on and on from one partner to another, hence, the buyer becomes the vendor to resell to other buyers on the network.

Note: x10 (1000%) offer will last for the remaining days of June, x5 (500%) for July, x2.5 (250%) for August....and btw 0% - 50% from main launch onwards, starting from September.

-WelkinCoin is a brand, a stakecurrency driving the Welkin Project economy. Hence, it has an intrinsic/spending value that can be used in the social, trading, e-commerce and financial space.

-WelkinCoin is driven by a system of stakeholdings. Hence, every holder is a stakeholder of the Welkin project.

-Real-time based project. The welkincoin is your ticket to drive you into the WelkinVerse (Infinity Dimension Web).

-Welkin combines the use of two wallet types: stake wallet for centralize exchanges and crypto wallet for decentralized exchanges... where both wallet can interact with each other for optimal profits, security and reliability of its holdings.

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