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Learn all about the Welkin Project and the two types of wallet system (stake & crypto wallet). Your stake wallet is accessed on the Welkin App while your crypto wallet is accessed on the WelkinDex App or other web3 decentralized wallets like your trust wallet, metamask, Coinbase tokenpocket, etc.

Get ready for Welkin CTN Smart Contract deployment on the Polygon Blockchain Network this September 🔥👌

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Attitude is Altitude. Never limit yourself. Stay self-driven. Go beyond with your Welkin Stakeholdings & Cryptoholdings.

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You may purchase system shares and be listed among the system stakeholders where you get to join the board. On an ICO (Initial Coin offering) / STO (System Token Offering)... similar to IPO in a company, new persons can buy shares of the project from the ICO sales to join the board. If you have a registered  business or company, you can buy shares as a company.... but if you don't have a registered business or company, you can buy shares as well as an individual using your id (national, passport or driving license).


As a investing partner, you get shares of the project. Depending on your investment as a financier of the project @ $100 Per 0.01 Unit Share, you get up to a million dollars of WelkinCoin token. System stakeholders also get shares from the following earnings on the network:

1. Exchange fees shares on all transactions

2. Advertising shares from all ads on the network.

3. Community Shares from all registered users on the platform.

4. E-commerce shares from all purchases, buying & selling of goods and services on the network.

5. Partners shares as a pioneer investor on the network.

6. Lifetime partnership license with ability to mine ⛏️ WelkinCoin for free.

7. Social influence with verified partners badge. All users on the network automatically follows with support for fans only contents and subscriptions.

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